Bike shares result in more grants and trails

Koloni’s hybrid bike share system has become a valuable piece for communities of all sizes.  Bike share project #1, in Pocahontas County, Iowa has been much more than a great amenity for the local trail system.  It also will provide valuable insight and data to help with expansion of the program.

The master trail plan of Pocahontas County is a multi-phase and multi-year project.  The plan is to connect two neighboring county trail systems.  This creates an extensive trail network in Northwest Iowa.  The county and the local trail committee is going through land purchases and fundraising for the first phase of this project.

Like many communities, this trail project depends on grants to get this off the ground.  The grant competition is strong and the local fundraising can be even more difficult.  Pocahontas County has been using bike sharing to create a competitive advantage when it comes to the grant proposals.  

Using Koloni’s partner dashboard, analytics are tracked on each rider.  We record the usage of trails, average ride time and distance traveled. We are also able to calculate calories burned and CO2 emission reduction. This information will then be used in the grant, which helps put hard numbers to the benefits of the trail and the ROI for a county wide trail project.  The bike share is helping create a competitive advantage when competing for any grant.  

A small and affordable trailhead fleet of only 5 bicycles can generate a HUGE return on investment even before your local trails project breaks ground.  This easy and affordable access to bicycles will also increase bike awareness and get more local residence in the saddle and supporting the local trail initiatives.  With these benefits, the decision of launching a bike share system becomes an easy decision.

***Pocahontas County Bike Share will be adding 10 more bicycles in Spring 2018 for a total of 25 bicycles.  Hubs will be located on different trailheads and business districts.