Start Your Side Hustle Today!


Our program is simple.

  • Order products and pay a monthly lease fee

  • We ship your system

  • You deploy and start generating revenue


Your startup costs are the first month’s lease fee + shipping:

  • Bike share - $40/bike/mo. (ex. 10 bikes = $400/mo + shipping)

  • Kube (smart lockers) - $20/locker/mo. (ex. 10 lockers = $200/mo + shipping)

  • e-Scooter - $60/scooter/mo. (ex. 10 scooters = $600/mo + shipping)

How you generate revenue:

  • Transaction Revenue - You set your own pricing. Charge per transaction or provide memberships

  • Sponsorship - Our products are moving billboards. Find local businesses to advertise on each product. This can cover your startup and ongoing costs.

  • In-App Ads - Local businesses can provide coupons in-app. Generate revenue through these ads.

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