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new product: koloni play

The Koloni Play is a great amenity for any community. Allowing users to easily rent recreation equipment with their smartphone, all while collecting demographic and user data. This product enables users to rent equipment right in the parks when and where they need it most.


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Koloni News

01.27.2018 - Koloni will be attending the Iowa Bike Expo

01.19.2018 - Koloni partners with Defiant for Super Bowl Bike Share - Link- 

01.15.2018 - Koloni releases a new product, the play.  Leader in smart parks.

05.1.2018 - Koloni launches multiple pilot programs for summer of 2018.

09.15.2018 - koloni launches new app - koloni share 2.0

09.30.2018 - koloni acquires competitors bike assets, saving thousands of bikes from landfills.

10.1.2018 - koloni launches koloni “re”cycle, their refurbished used bike share program.