Koloni Kube (Preorder Deposit)

Koloni Kube (Preorder Deposit)


The Koloni Kube is a smart locker that allows users to rent and return shareable products in the locations they need them the most. By downloading the Koloni app, users can scan a QR code on the locker and start using these products. You choose the items you want to share. We provide the lockers and software to manage the system.

Start Sharing today:

  • Pickleball Equipment

  • Basketballs

  • Table Tennis Equipment

  • Tools

By adding your Preorder Deposit, you’re getting your name on our waitlist! We’ll get you in the cue and notify you once your lockers go into production. Once production is complete, you’ll be charged for shipping and be setup on a recurring monthly payment of $20/locker/mo. for hardware and software use.

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