My Town, USA

A local bike share will become a great benefit to our community. We are focused on creating a bike friendly community which will help us become healthier and more active TOGETHER! We are asking for your support to help bring this new amenity to our community. Our goal is to launch (50) bikes in (my Town, USA) in August of 2019. See below how you can support through a valuable sponsorship/marketing opportunities!


Advertise With Us

If advertising on our community bike share does not fit into your budget, you can advertise in the Koloni App. Target the riders in our community with coupons, brining them directly into your business. Track demographics to understand who these new customers are.

A Local Supporter

Sponsoring a local bike share can be a great way to market! These mini billboards around town help create great brand recognition. While also placing your business behind a great local cause.


About Koloni

Koloni has a mission to bring bike sharing to every community in the world. Their mission is focused on keeping it local. Ownership, operations and revenue go back into the communities it services.



A public, active mode of transportation can change a local community drastically. Increasing activity just 20 minutes a day can increase life expectancy and provide a higher quality of life.


A sustainable mode of transportation that reducing carbon pollution and creates more vibrant streets and neighborhoods. A great way to recruit younger families to your community!