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Biking should be SUSTAINABLE!

When we heard about bike share companies around the world overloading landfills with their bikes, Koloni decided to act. We purchased a large number of used bike share bikes from cities around the U.S. with sustainability in mind.

We now offer fully refurbished bikes at a fraction of the cost, allowing small towns up to large cities to afford a world class bike share. These bikes tell a great story of sustainability, while providing a great asset to any community. We use our bluetooth locks, app and backend management software to create a bike share program for communities of all sizes.



The Play offers communities the opportunity to interact with their parks like never before.  By using the Play you can access the equipment needed to engage with the park by just using your smart phone.  Increasing usage by increasing access is a simple way to create more value for your park system.

Cities can use the Koloni Konnect management software to manage the system and analyze the data from each park.  Konnect will provide analytics on usage, length of usage, compare locations and manage payments.  This data provides an important snapshot of the individual parks.  Helping make decisions on budgets, prioritizing projects and repairs.  

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Konnect Management

Koloni Konnect enables our partners to manage their shareable assets.  Koloni Konnect allows our partners to track and record data in live time.  Repairs and customer notifications helps provide superior customer service, reducing the amount of broken bikes and creating more reliability in the system.  The Koloni Point of Sale is PCI compliant and seamless for our partners; simply customize your hourly rate and wait for daily deposits.  The geofencing feature is also customizable by our partners, giving you flexibility to create smaller or larger drop zones.

KoloniShare App

The KoloniShare app is a key to the city.  This app is designed to connect users to various modes of mobility and access new areas in their city.  Koloni has simplified the booking process while also focusing on a great user experience.  Download the KoloniShare app today and stay updated with new tools and release in your city.

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If you decide a docked system would best suit your bike sharing program, we have custom-built racks that are built according to the exact specifications of our partners.