Differentiate Your Property

At Koloni, you can provide amenities that can be enjoyed by all of your tenants or residents. In the same space as a single garage stall, you can provide an amenity for the entire facility…At a fraction of the cost.

What’s in it for You?

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Save Time for Your Staff

Provide automated and low-maintenance amenities, allowing your staff to focus on other tasks.

Market to Millennials

Market to Millennials who are more focused on “experiences” and sustainable amenities.

Provide a premium Resident experience

Property-wide amenities, such as bike share, yields a 30% higher return on investment than unit-specific upgrades.

Provide “Experiences” for your Tenants or Residents

A growing trend is a tenant base focused on “Experiences” rather than “owning things”. Koloni reduces the need for them to own, while providing unique experiences that differentiates your facility. So what should you share?

  • Basketball / Soccerball

  • Power or Hand Tools

  • Grilling Utensils

  • Pool Equipment

  • Bicycles

  • Lawn Games

  • Board Games

  • Tennis or Pickleball Equipment

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A Billboard on Wheels

A branded bike fleet will travel all around your community. Market your property, fill vacancies, and create brand recognition.

Alternatively, you can sell the ad space, and generate additional revenue for your facility.

Who is Seeing the Benefits?


Condos & apartments

Residents can get groceries, go to the gym or grab lunch without the need for each to own a bike.


hotels & resorts

Provide a unique mode of transportation for your guests to get around town, without requiring time from your staff.

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corporate office

Providing property differentiators increases employee or tenant recruitment and retention.