The Koloni Recycle Story

Koloni is dedicated to sustainability. When we heard that thousands of bike sharing bikes across the country were polluting landfills, we decided to act. In the fall of 2018, we purchased thousands of lightly used bicycles and started our Koloni “ReCycle” program.

By refurbishing and rebranding these bicycles, we’ve been able to provide an affordable, sustainable and reliable bike share program for ANY community! We’ve since launched sharing programs throughout the country and are now running low on inventory.


[We’re running out!]

We anticipate that we’ll be out of inventory by the

END OF 2019!

So what does this mean for you?

If you’re planning to launch a program in the spring of 2020 and would like to lock in the $40/bike/mo pricing, you should act soon! We have options to order now, but launch later, locking you into this pricing.

What If you want to expand our program?

Not to worry! In the spring, we’ll have new bicycles with the same specs. You’ll be able to expand your program, but the pricing may increase for these new bicycles.

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