Bike Share for trails

Bike share systems on trail heads creates value for users and organizations alike.  What are the benefits of a bike share at a trail location?  Do you have trail or a future trail project in your community?  A bike share can help your community become more bike friendly.

Riders:  Increasing access to bicycles by creating on site rentals will increase the usage of the trail.  The mini, self serve bike rental station is a great amenity for tourists visiting your community.  This station will also create a more equitable solution for people that are less frequent riders.  

Partners:  The data collected from ridership can be used in grants and other funding applications to better understand the need for the new projects.  As a partner, you have the ability to monitor usage in real time.  Better understanding how far people ride and the average time someone spends on a bike.  This information can become very important when developing new projects.