Koloni was founded on the belief that sharing communities are not only possible, but sustainable. In 2015, Brian Dewey and Kyle Sheker decided to make that belief a reality. After finding success by offering bike share services to rural communities, we started to look at what all is possible to share.

We currently offer the necessary hardware and software for enthusiastic individuals and communities to own and operate their own bike share programs.  Soon, we’ll be offering a smart locker system that allows individuals to rent equipment, such as sports gear at parks and tools at apartment complexes. We’ve also been busy doing research into offering eBikes, scooters, and canoes with our services. 

Not only do we want to offer our services to vivacious communities, but we want them to be sustainable. That’s why Koloni lets our partners (the communities we’re in) keep the majority of the tractional revenue generated. We charge a fifty cent transaction fee, and only take five percent of the remaining revenue. Additionally, you get to set the price it costs for users to ride per hour, as well as if your program will offer memberships and where in your community the bikes will be located. We want to give you the freedom to run your program so it will succeed.

If you’re interested in making your community a sharing community, contact us. We’d be happy to have a conversation and help you make the change to supporting share resources.