Each of our partners have different needs and goals. After obtaining required city permits, our model allows you to customize how your Koloni products are distributed, displayed, and managed.


Software as a Service

The Kolonishare App and  Konnect Management System keep you connected to your products 24/7. Our online Partner Portal provides resources for launching, operating and maintaining your system.


When we found out how many bike share companies were willing to throw perfectly fixable bikes away, we created online training programs and a parts store for our partners and operators to reduce waste.


Ecosystem of Shareables

Community members and tourists will be able to use the Kolonishare app to connect to all product offerings, creating one seamless ecosystem that will increase the health and vibrancy of your community.

Generate Revenue

Once connected to the Kolonishare App and Konnect Management system, simply leave your Koloni products in an approved, high foot traffic area around your city to generate passive income.



When we realized high upfront hardware costs were creating barriers for communities with limited funding, we started offering payment plans starting at $27.50 per month.